Betscope NBA Bet of the Day for Wednesday, March 30 (2022)

One great source of value in NBA markets is the alternate spreads/totals lines, where you can spot major pricing discrepancies across sportsbooks that offer very different odds for the same alternate lines. The overnight lines in these markets can be divergent enough that you can find profitable opportunities on both sides of the same bet. One such opportunity surfaced last night on Betscope for the Timberwolves/Raptors game for prices for Raptors -3.5: 

I was able to run our correlations engine to see how the alternate spread market correlated with some other bets I was looking to make, and I confirmed that both sides of this bet showed a profit at the prices that PointsBet and Wynn were offering:

Locking in an average 1% return on your bets in an arbitrage situation may not sound like a huge return, but it’s guaranteed money. These are the types of pricing mistakes from sportsbooks that are critical to exploit in order to generate sustainable wins—it’s not about how often you’re right, it’s about the price that you’re offered, and knowing when those prices are out of alignment in two or more sportsbooks. These opportunities present themselves frequently as odds change during the day, so it will benefit you to monitor these odds across all markets at all games to maximize your opportunities for finding profitable spots. Using a tool like Betscope will make it easy for you to monitor when those pricing discrepancies occur. 

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Colin Davy is the founder of Betscope, a set of sports betting tools designed to help you assess betting markets for pricing inefficiencies, discover your full range of correlated beliefs for games, and ensuring you are always attacking the betting market at its weakest points. For more information, you can check out the tools at – no sign up, no login, and it’s FREE! 

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