FTN NBA Dream Stream | March 28, 2022

NBA experts Zac Graham and Adam Pfeifer take you through the news and analysis you need to know to dominate todays NBA DFS slate!
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FTN Network is your one-stop shop for all things fantasy sports and sports betting. Whether it’s football, basketball, baseball, golf or other sports, we have you covered. If you like quick-hitting analysis and advanced statistical breakdowns for the NFL or a long form deep-dive into your favorite stats for the NBA with top-of-the-line projections and an optimizer, the FTN Network is here for you. expert advice on best bets, value plays, props, picks, sleepers, waiver wire pickups, we’ve got it all.

Want more fantasy, DFS and sports betting content? At FTN we don’t just give expert picks and analysis, we track every bet our touts make so you can see exactly how well they perform. Use our FREE prop shop to compare spreads across multiple markets to find the best lines available for your bets. Our experts use cutting edge statistical models to provide you with the most unique fantasy advice in the business. Use our lineup optimizer tools to leverage that data and find the best stacks, sleepers and DFS value plays. Get world class fantasy rankings, expected fantasy point projections, WR/CB matchup breakdowns, a league sync function and so much more.

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