Lamar Jackson, Aaron Rodgers Lead QBs Whose MVP Odds Faded After Week 1

Aaron Rodgers And Lamar Jackson MVP NFL

  • Lamar Jackson’s MVP odds faltered to +2500 from +1800 after two fumbles during the Ravens’ season opener.
  • Aaron Rodgers meanwhile saw his MVP numbers fade from +1100 to +1800 after throwing 2 picks in the Packers’ 38-3 loss to the Saints.
  • Te MVP odds of Taysom Hill, Justin Fields, and Trey Lance dropped by at least +10000 but only because they did not get the start in week 1 and may not be stating anytime soon.

While the likes of Mac Jones (+25000 to +15000), Terry Bridgewater (+12500 to +6600), Jameis Winston ( +5000 to +2500), Kyler Murray ( +2500 to +900), Matthew Stafford (+2000 to +900), Russell Wilson (+2000 to +1600), Tom Brady (+1400 to +1000), and Patrick Mahomes (+600 to +550) improved their MVP odds after week 1 of the 2021 NFL season, there were quarterbacks who saw their MVP odds fade after opening week.

Taysom Hill (+15000 to +30000), Justin Fields (+20000 to +30000), and Trey Lance (+10000 to +25000) were the three QBs that saw a drop of at least +10000 in their MVP odds. But more than performance, the reason behind the backward movement of their MVP odds is that they didn’t start in week 1 and may not be starters in the near future, unless of course something happens to the starter, like what happened with Ryan Fitzpatrick in Washington.

When it comes to under performance, the quarterbacks whose MVP odds became longer were led by Baltimore’s Lamar Jackson and Green Bay’s Brett Favre whose teams opened the season with a dud.

Lamar Gave The Ball Right Back to the Raiders

Jackson fumbled the ball twice during the Ravens’ 33-27 upset loss to the Las Vegas Raiders as 3.5 betting favorites on Monday night football. Both fumbles led to touchdowns by the Raiders, including the walk off TD pass by Derek Carr in the overtime period which came right after the Raiders did one of the dumbest things ever in NFL history.

Th 2019 NFL MVP is only the second QB in the last 40 years to fumble the ball in the fourth period and OT, after Ben Roethlisberger who did it in 2018 against the Cleveland Browns. Jackson finished the game completing 63.3% of his passes for 235 yards with one TD and no interception. He also rushed for 86 yards on 12 attempts but in the end, the two fumbles stood out.

With that performance, Jackson’s MVP odds faded from +1800 to +2500 at BetMGM, which currently stands as his longest MVP odds. FanDuel has him at +2300 in their latest odds board while DraftKings, PointsBet, and the Caesars Sportsbook still has him listed at +1600. Lamar is also at +1600 at the BetOnline App but with several favorites improving their own MVP odds, Jackson has dropped to 9th place in the latest betting board.

Rodgers Thinking about that Jeopardy Job

Meanwhile, Aaron Rodgers looked lost in his season debut that some said he looked like a game show host trying to play NFL quarterback. That wasn’t an exaggeration. Rodgers failed to throw a TD pass in their season opener while opposing QB James Winston had five, marking the first time since 1984 that a reigning MVP was out-thrown 5 TDs to none. More interestingly, he thew two interceptions while Winston, who led the league in interception in 2019, had none.

In the fantasy sports arena, Rodgers’ ended 35th among QBs in fantasy points. That’s terrible because there are only 32 teams in the league. Chicago rookie QB Justin Fields, who only took six snaps during the Bears’ season opener, almost had the same fantasy points as Rodgers who started the game for the Packers.

Rodgers was second or third in the MVP oddsboards, depending on which of the best NFL betting sites you use. But at BetMGM, he went from +1100 to +1800, which currently is his longest MVP odds. DraftKings and PointsBet faded him to +1600 while his shortest odds are +900 at Bet365 but that may be because the said sportsbook has yet to update its NFL MVP odds board.

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