Madrid Open: Jannik Sinner vs. Guido Pella 5/4/21 Tennis Prediction

Jannik Sinner (14) meets Guido Pella in the first round of the 2021 Madrid Open on Tuesday, May 4th 2021.

Will Guido Pella be able to shock us all and cause the upset against one of the best players of the year, or will Jannik Sinner continue to dominate at a very young age on the ATP Tour?

Guido Pella has not been in the best of form over the last two years, not making the late stages of tournaments consistently, and having turned to the Challenger Tour to remain somewhat competitive in tournaments. Guido Pella can definitely hurt some big name players when he is on top of his game, but I am not sure if he is able anymore to reach that level as the ATP Tour is becoming more and more competitive, especially with the young guns beginning to push their weight around showing that its their time to shine.

Jannik Sinner has been performing strongly on the clay this season, reaching the semi finals of the 2021 Barcelona Open a couple weeks ago. Jannik Sinner has a similar playing style to Novak Djokovic and he is able to push opponents around the court with ease, and he returns most balls, always keeping his opponents at bay and wondering what will come next. Jannik Sinner is now 18th in the world, and he is in the Top 8 point gainers this year, making him in contention for a spot at the ATP Finals this year which will be in Italy.

This is going to be the first meeting between both players, and unfortunately for Guido Pella, he is nowhere near the playing level he should be at if he wants to be competitive against the young and determined Jannik Sinner. Jannik Sinner is coming onto the ATP Tour every week ready to dominate and give it his all to ensure he keeps up with both the hype around him and his own personal expectations. This is Jannik Sinners year, and he will not let someone cause a first round upset against him, especially if he is the better player.

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