Take It or Leave It: Over 5.5 Runs in Padres vs. Mets Game on Friday

Don’t adjust your screens as you are really seeing a total of 5.5 for this game in New York between the Padres and Mets. Jacob deGrom and his microscopic 0.62 ERA will go head to head with Blake Snell.

Padres vs. Mets Betting Analysis

There is no questioning the mastery that is Jacob DeGrom. The guy is the third favorite at FanDuel’s Sportsbook to win the NL MVP at +650. Only two pitchers since 1968 have accomplished that feat. The Mets’ ace barely gives up runs, and he’s probably going to go seven innings and give up less than one run today.

This may just be a principle wager. This is 5.5 runs, and we’re talking about a nine-inning game, not a seven-inning half doubleheader. There are major league hitters on both sides, and one mistake pitch can end up in the seats. A 5.5 total is just ridiculous. Let’s play this out and say both pitchers dominate, and it’s 2-2. We have extra innings where both of these pitchers are not in at that point, and you can get extra runs.

The Mets and Padres faced each other last weekend. Snell pitched seven scoreless on Friday, allowing just one hit, one walk, and ten strikeouts to pick up the 2-0 win. deGrom answered a day later, shutting out San Diego through seven, allowing just three hits, and had 11 Ks for the victory.

So a 2-0 game followed by a 4-0 low-scoring affair in back-to-back games. They both just dominated these lineups here, so there’s no reason to think it’s impossible they do it again. You do almost have to take the over as a sheer principle play, but there’s certainly a case for the under here.



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